CSi Awarded Business of the Month Award

On behalf of YPJamestown we are honored to present CSi with the Business of the Month Award. Nominations are submitted by members of the community and here is what a community member had to say about CSi.

For over 30 years, CSi has been a leader in the community by enhancing community business, providing good jobs, and supporting the nonprofit and volunteer community. While they may not be the newest and flashiest, their support and connection to business continues. And they continue to provide an array of unique and important service functions to the rural community of business. We recently were battling a building lightning strike, which disabled a computer and server. The staff were prompt, helpful and incredibly gracious as we journeyed through a few days without technology. In short, CSi is more than a cable company. They are the guardians of history and the Franklin School, they are archivists as they document and share community events, they work diligently to share news and happenings through the Wayne Byers Show, and they provide much needed tech support for small businesses. CSi is the pure definition of what it means to be a local community business.



The purpose of the Business of the Month award is to recognize a business that employs local professionals of all ages, provides superior customer service, exhibits community spirit and provides a positive economic impact to the community. These nominations will serve as candidates for the Business of the Year award. Only one business is selected each month.

How do I nominate a business? Visit www.jamestownchamber.com and submit a nomination form online or go to the Jamestown Area Chamber Office at 120 2nd Street SE Jamestown, ND 58401 to pick up a nomination form. Please email these nominations to director@jamestownchamber.com or mail to PO Box 1530 Jamestown, ND 58402

Who is eligible? Any business located within the City of Jamestown.

Who Votes? The voting will be done by the members of the Young Professionals of Jamestown.

What is the deadline? Applications submitted on or before the last day of the month will be considered for the following month’s Business of the Month award. Applications will be accepted any time. If the deadline is not reached, the application will be advanced to the next month’s voting ballot. Please email these nominations to director@jamestownchamber.com or mail to PO Box 1530group-picture-for-newsletter


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