Domino’s Pizza named Business of the Month

By Warren Abrahamson

The Jamestown Domino’s Store was awarded the Young Professionals of Jamestown Business of the Month award for May 2016.

During a ceremony on Friday, May 13th, members of the Young Professionals of Jamestown and Jamestown Chamber of Commerce gave the award to the store. A person that nominated the store pointed out that the store always had outstanding customer service as well as fantastic work ethic.

“It is with great pleasure I nominate Domino’s Pizza for consideration for Business of the Month for their outstanding customer service, quality of food and work ethic of their management and staff. Whether we order from the app and go pick up our order, get it delivered or call on the phone, they have been polite and busy working. It’s great to see a business have employees with such great work ethic and consistency.” the nominator stated.

Frank Jensen has been the store owner for more than 20 years and stated that it’s not often that a Domino’s store gets a local award like this.


The purpose of the Business of the Month award is to recognize a business that employs local professionals of all ages, provides superior customer service, exhibits community spirit and provides a positive economic impact to the community. These nominations will serve as candidates for the Business of the Year award. Only one business is selected each month.

Who is eligible? Any business located within the City of Jamestown.

Who Votes? The voting will be done by the members of the Young Professionals of Jamestown.

What is the deadline? Applications submitted on or before the last day of the month will be considered for the following month’s Business of the Month award. Applications will be accepted any time. If the deadline is not reached, the application will be advanced to the next month’s voting ballot. Please email these nominations to or mail to PO Box 1530 Jamestown, ND 58402

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