Young Professional of the Year

Congratulations to Morgan Bossman! Morgan was honored at the 85th Annual Jamestown Area Chamber of Commerce banquet for all of her hard work and dedication to the Young Professionals of Jamestown.

YPJ President Samantha Beckman presented Morgan with the award saying, “Throughout the past year, Morgan has truly prospered in her personal and professional development. The values that are expected by members of YPJ are continuously exceeded by Morgan. Morgan is a natural leader and a great relationship builder. Throughout the year, she demonstrated that she will go above and beyond to make Jamestown a great place for young professionals to live, learn, work and play. A few of my favorite qualities about Morgan is her ability to take advantage of new opportunities and her ability to lead by example. She is a great listener and always comes with a smile.”

Morgan graciously accepted the award and thanked her parents, fellow YPJ members, the Chamber, and the community. She is very excited about all that YPJ has accomplished and for what is still in store for our organization.

Thank you for everything you do for YPJ, Morgan!


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