2015 Accomplishments

As 2015 draws to an end we would like to thank you for your participation in Young Professionals of Jamestown. This past year was a huge year for the organization – our success is a reflection of your commitment.

We started the year strong with our strategic planning sessions where we were able to outline the mission and vision of YPJ:
Our mission is to connect, empower, and inspire Jamestown young professionals to make a difference in our community.
Our vision is to be our community’s leader in personal and professional development, leadership opportunities, and community engagement for young professionals.

We are pleased to share that our events and involvements within the community reflect our mission and vision. These statements have guided YPJ –our actions, goals, and steps we have taken to be a part of our community. YPJ has created well-established partnerships with the Chamber Ambassadors, Kiwanis, Jamestown Tourism and many other community groups, along with the statewide North Dakota Young Professionals.
Many of our other goals have also been accomplished throughout the year including creating a database for member information which will be utilized in sending personalized birthday cards as well as allowing members to easily network with one another. YPJ has also created a points system that will track attendance, volunteer time, and contributions to membership which will in turn be used when determining the Young Professional of the Year. We are excited to roll out this system in the New Year, as we hope this will be a great means of growing our organization internally.
Once again, we thank you for your membership and support throughout our new processes and changes in 2015. We have a lot more building to do in 2016, including increasing our partnerships with local businesses, increasing our membership, hosting more social events both for YPJ and other community organizations, as well as provide professional development opportunities for those in our community. The majority of this work will be done via committee members, which means we will be working to integrate you into the committees; giving our membership a stronger voice within YPJ. Looking forward with intentional goals, objectives, and partnerships, we sincerely hope you will continue your membership with YPJ.

We are thankful for our journey in 2015, and hopeful for the year to come; we look forward to making Young Professionals of Jamestown an outstanding organization in our community and we cannot wait for you to be a part of it.

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